Do I need to be able to swim for a Trash the Dress?

We have had so many clients who have had a dream of making photographs underwater yet are 100% unable to swim. In fact, some of our non-swimmers are even actively AFRAID of water!   We work with them and in ALL cases they are able to do “the impossible.”

“Our families thought we were CRAZY to do a cenote Trash the Dress… especially for me, as I cannot swim! With my husband, Del Sol Photography was there and I felt completely safe, even with a safety swimmer! I initially thought I would have completely freaked out, but as with our wedding, They were amazing and truly the most amazing cheerleaders! We had so much fun, and it was an amazing and magical experience that we will never forget!” – Sabrina

bride who can't swim featured in an underwater photo session Riviera Maya cenote trash dress

You do not need to go deep underwater and neither do you have to stay for long… Since most of our photo magic happens on the surface, we build confidence by simply not being in deep water.

“I was so comfortable that at times, I forgot that I didn’t know how to swim : )” – Lamar

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Brides and grooms who are non-swimmers need not worry – We highly encourage you to take the plunge! In the end, you will always have way more fun knowing we are pros behind the camera, and we always have a safety swimmer ready to save you.

“The overall TTD session was amazing and unforgettable. Not being able to swim was not problem for Matt. He worked with our comfort levels and guided us on how to look natural. This is extremely helpful since it was our first professional photoshoot. What we learn through our session was the key to rock the TTD is to relax and enjoy yourself. It a session to capture the love and trust between you and your partner. Thanks to Matt and his team, we experienced an extraordinary session which we can now share with others.” – Susan

underwater Bride can't swim makes photographs.

Bride can't swim makes underwater photos.

I can’t swim – can I do a trash the dress?

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underwater Bride can't swim makes photographs.

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bride who can't swim featured in an underwater photo session Riviera Maya cenote trash dress

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