A bride who cant swim makes amazing underwater photographs

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  • Underwater photograph bride groom cenote trash the dress Riviera Maya Mexico
  • bride who cant swim
  • underwater trash the dress bride who cant swim
  • Jungle, sacred place, cenote trash the dress, Riviera Maya, Mexico
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  • Bride can't swim
  • bride who cant swim taking amazing underwater photographs

When you get contacted by and are asked for underwater photos, and you just read “Bride who can’t swim” on the shoot notes…it makes you start to wonder.

“Naturally, the look of the amazing underwater photographs I make and the final image are a result of a process.  This process involves patience and understanding and also a foresight to aim the light in the right place or find a moment between moments when the photo is meant to be.” – Matt Adcock

“We first heard about the “Trash the Dress” from our friends Winnie and Harry. Seeing their photos and other del Sol’s clients made me want to do the same. We wanted something different, unique and to experience a photo shoot in a location that is foreign and majestic.” – Susan

“We wanted artwork that involves us which we can share with our families and friends. When we first told our families and friends, we had to explain to them what trash the dress was. Some of them were surprised by the idea, while the others thought we were crazy because traditionally the bride and groom takes wedding photos on dry land.”

“We traveled to Mexico for a unique photo experience.  Matt and the del Sol Team made my dreams come true. The making of underwater art was the most extraordinary experience I have ever had. Some of my friends and family were surprised by the idea, while the others thought we were crazy because traditionally the bride and groom takes wedding photos on dry land. They then thought was it impossible since I didn’t know how to swim. But no matter how crazy they thought we were, we knew this was an experience we can not bypass.” – Susan

“The day of the shoot went by fast because we were having so much fun. Matt and his team educated us about the environment and everything we saw and touched, this made us feel more comfortable since we are both from the city life.”

“The overall TTD session was amazing and unforgettable. Not being able to swim was not problem for Matt. He worked with our comfort levels and guided us on how to look natural. This is extremely helpful since it was our first professional photoshoot. What we learn through our session was the key to rock the TTD is to relax and enjoy yourself. It a session to capture the love and trust between you and your partner. Thanks to Matt and his team, we experienced an extraordinary session which we can now share with others.”

Thank you so much for this beautiful testimonial Susan and Man, thank you for trusting my creative vision and believing in the impossible! – Matt

“After almost 10 years of swimming with mermaid brides and grooms, one detail comes to mind that is pretty interesting.   We are taking pictures of people underwater who can’t swim that well, or not at all.”

“Susan told me “Matt, I can’t swim well but I think I can do this, as long as someone is there to hold me or help me”.  Her bravery is inspiring!” 

“Susan and Man taught me something on this day.  All you have to do is want something bad enough and the universe will give it to you.” – Matt

“Anything is possible and no matter how hard something seems, a goal is never out of reach.  For me, making underwater photographs is a dream!

“After reflecting a little and going back to what I was thinking while making these photos…I’m amazed.  There were locations where the water was more than 25 feet deep.  We were close to shallow areas but also very close to the deepest spots too.   None of these details seem to bother them…in fact, I think I saw them more courageous and with the attitude of  “the greater the risk = greater the reward.”  Bravo Amigos you make an amazing underwater photographs. Anything is possible.” – Matt

Bride who can’t swim Photos by Matt Adcock

Location:  Riviera Maya Mexico