#PorqueHayMasdeloBonito = “Because there is MORE Beauty”. It is one of my favorite hashtags and way of seeing things. – Sol

LOVE to travel LOVE to Explore, LOVE to shoot.. and LOVE to make other people realice the beauty that surrounds them, and when talking about photographers, love to inspire them to go out, explore and shoot! Especially if there’s water around!

So when I had a trip planned to Guadalajara and do a workshop with a group of photographers,  I contacted my friend and amazing photographer Alejandro Gutierrez . He helped me arrange a Day of Adventure that involved shooting underwater at Rancho el Venado, outside Guadalajara in Acatic Jalisco.

Beautiful place! Surrounded by canyons, a River and friends. What a great day! Thanks for all those that join me in the adventure!!!

And GRACIAS MADRE NATURALEZA!  For all the magical places to shoot!

Text and Photographs by Sol

Photo Adventure Location: Rancho el Venado – Jalisco

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