• hurricane wedding isla holbox mission mexico
  • hurricane wedding isla holbox
  • hurricane wedding isla holbox mission mexico
  • hurricane wedding isla holbox mission mexico
  • wedding guests carry bags as wedding is evacuated from holbox island hurricane dean
  • hurricane wedding isla holbox mission mexico

Hurricane Wedding – Vanessa and Tony

This is my story of a small wedding planned on August 19, 2006 on a coastal island in Mexico…

I have been to hundreds weddings and they almost follow the same story… bride gets ready, bride walks down aisle, ceremony, first kiss etc..

Although there is tons of beauty in that, I have been waiting a lifetime to find a wedding where all I needed to do was document the story and where there were no standards or predictable storylines. I am so thankful that I found this one, or did it find me? I don’t know. I am so lucky to have these clients and this wonderful memory of the most unpredictable wedding story EVER!

Setting: Isla Holbox (pronounced holbosh) Mexico:  Highlight:  Wedding Evacuated.

This place is pretty remote. There are no cars on the island just golf carts for transportation. It’s a 30-40 minute ferry to the island from this TINY little city, Chiquila, which is about 3 hrs from Cancun. Bumble nowhere!

I felt like this story has urgency due to the implications that hurricanes have on our clients and that the fact is we just experienced what some brides would call, “THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE”

Actually, this group was the complete opposite of that. Vanessa has to be the coolest bride I’ve ever met… Under the circumstances, she played it out like a champion of champions. This girl wins the all time award for brides that go with the flow and do not get stressed out. I’m serious here, not 1 ounce of stress from this girl, all happiness and smiles.

She did after all name her wedding after the James Bond theme “Mission Mexico 007.”

She wasn’t kidding around about the mission, wow!

Government mandated evacuation. GET OUT NOW.

I can honestly say that this story is one that I will NEVER forget and I am so lucky that I was able to get these wonderful memories. They totally didnt mind at ALL that we documented the entire day… From the moment we were awake until after midnight, we were flying around shooting everything!

So what is left to do???  Huddle around a computer with practically dialup internet speed, search for somewhere to go… SCORE, find a small town, find a hotel, find a dinner reception room waiting for the plan to take place and throw an impromptu ceremony.

This is really going to be mission mexico. When it was all said and done, the group has arranged for a private ferry off the island…amazing. The edge of the storm greeted us with rain and everyone got wet.  There were hundreds if not thousands of locals escaping this island. Everyone carried their luggage and belongings over their head into the ocean to get in a boat.  Then the transportation to a small town, Valladolid in central yucatan. There everyone will all have a room and a makeshift ceremony and dinner. crazy huh?…

I’ll never forget the words from the pastor as he read them outloud in this small dining room located hours away from any beach.   “As we stand here in paradise, located on some of the most crystal sandy beaches….we celebrate the marriage of Anthony and Vanessa”….. everyone busted out laughing as this was a stark contrast to the truth to where we actually were to that of what was planned.   But in the end, love conquers, location matters less, and the plan happened.

If you are a bride planning a destination wedding in a tropical location during hurricane season, think about it twice…

Principal Photographer:  Matt Adcock
Amazing Mentor and 2nd photographer “Sergio Photographer”

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