Trash the Dress Adventure Photography – San Luis Potosi

Our co-founder Sol traveled to the state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico and discovered a whole new world of stunning locations for adventure photography! Mountains and valleys, forests and rivers and waterfalls, the natural wonders of San Luis Potosi offer endless beauty and incredible backdrops for adventure and romance.

“I have a chip inside my soul that pushes me to have a camera and do what I love wherever I travel. I can’t help but to see new places and immediately imagine the potential for shooting there. Doing a “trash the dress” on the waterfalls,  it was incredible! A totally different scenario, but water after all… I felt at home.

We shot on two different days at various locations, being rainy season water was high and some places inaccessible, we were very careful and shot only where it was safe, it was a big adventure! Hiking and being surrounded by Mother Nature I LOVED IT!!! I even said “I’m moving here!” and opening del Sol offices…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the new friends I made, amazing photographers, gorgeous brides and people in the hospitality business. I’m looking forward to coming back after rainy season and continuing the exploration / shooting in that amazing paradise called “Huasteca Potosina” . – Sol

The experience gave Sol just a taste of the possibilities in San Luis Potosi and she cannot wait to return to explore more! Aside from the natural beauty, the people of the state are so warm and kind and of course, the Colonial cities offer incredible architecture and the food alone is worth a trip (enchiladas potosinas anyone?)


Photo Adventure Location: San Luis de Potosi – Mexico

Photographs by Sol Tamargo

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