Best of Engagement and Wedding Rings Photography

Have a peek at our logo, any thoughts as to what some of the inspiration was behind the design of the symbol? The idea behind it is from engagement and wedding rings!

You probably guessed… Yes, there is a flaming wedding ring in hanging out between the sun and the moon. Rings are super important symbols for us.

The classic ring shot usually is compositionally tight with super macro angles to showcase bling and diamonds forever.  Technically,  those shots are perfect but honestly, can be a little lacking in personality.  We’d rather appeal to your sense of humor and smile at the lighter side of life with juxtapositions and fun twists: mariachi’s wearing earrings and we can even make a sad ring box turn into a smiley face!

You see,  weddings can be SO serious, and rightfully so, but in the end, you’re left with memories and oh yeah…  photos! So let’s look back at these shots and hope and pray many of them to make us LAUGH out LOUD or minimally,  smile, and chuckle on the inside.

Follow our “Rings board” on Pinterest, it is one of our most popular by far.  The key here is that you are here to become inspired,  enjoy our selection and please pin and share!

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