Top Beach Wedding Photobombs

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Did you know the word “photobombs” made its way into the Oxford dictionary in 2012? Here’s the official definition:

“photobomb – spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by suddenly appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken, typically as a prank or practical joke”

We like to think that photobombers, either human, animal or just some funny part of the background, aren’t really spoiling anything. In fact, they add an element of surprise and layers to photographs that give them a whole new meaning. In our work as destination wedding photographers in popular tourist areas like Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we have been delighted by some of the surprises we encounter.

With all the surf and sand around here and the variety and excitement it brings, the beach has proven perfect for photobombs. While most of our photobombs happen on a beach, we’ve even had a few go off underwater in cenotes during trash-the-dress sessions. While many wedding photobomb moments do happen on the beach for us, we also seem them in all types of chapels and banquet halls in all places we photograph.

“Mankinis”, animals, kids and the occasional nearly naked tourist have crossed our lenses and become history with the click of the shutter, forever part of the celebration.

Del Sol photography dock jump photobomb

Probably our most famous photobomb of all time and 1st place internationally award-winning photo by Sol Tamargo ISPWP

“I like to reference photobombs as HAPPY ACCIDENTS as everything shouldn’t be taken so seriously.  We should embrace the subtle nuances that life throws at us and use every decisive moment to find inspiration to laugh a little… I am LMAO looking at these shots ;)”  – Matt Adcock, Del Sol co-founder – Photobomb lover 

Photojournalism is about capturing the moment and telling a story and photobombs always add an element of humor and fun. Real people, authentic reactions and priceless timing. Some photobombs are intentional, like our classic shot of the groomsman taking a leap off the pier (Behind the scenes story on the dock jumper photobomb here). But most are serendipitous accidents which are captured at just the right moment.

However they happen, we love each one and want to share our favorite Del Sol Photography photobombs with you!

P.S. We’re also honored to be included in the Huffington Post wedding article  “The 45 All Time Best Wedding Photobombs“.
Huffington Post Wedding went one step further helping us make the famous dock jumper shot one of our most published images… featured here in the 25 Candid Wedding Photos That Are Too Much Freakin’ Fun and also in Huffington Post’s feature on 17 Well-Timed Wedding Photobombs That Will Crack You Up.

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