Isla Mujeres Elopement Experience

Neenee + Tom

“Tom and I reminisce often of our Isla Mujeres elopement. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity. We met many wonderful people that we otherwise wouldn’t have, and have wonderful memories to last us a lifetime!”

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Isla Mujeres holds a special place in our hearts.  Tom & I have been vacationing during the holidays, on Isla for the past four years.  When Tom proposed and we talked about where we would get married, we excitedly looked at one another and simultaneously exclaimed, “Isla!”  We knew we wanted a beach elopement, but not just any beach…. Only Isla would do!”

“Tom and I both had the desire for a very intimate elopement, with no guests, at sunset.”

“Sunset is one of our favorite times on the Isla Mujeres. We usually grab a drink and watch the sun go down together, reflecting on life and how lucky we are to lead the lives we do, and to have found one another in this complicated, yet beautiful thing called life.” 

Isla Mujeres Elopement bride and groom

“The hunt was on to look for the perfect beach where we could see the sunset!  After researching online and seeing what was available for our Isla Mujeres elopement, we were a little disappointed.  Most of the venues appeared too large, complicated and chaotic for Tom and I. Privacy on the beachfront could not be guaranteed.  It simply wasn’t a good fit for our special moment.”

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“I had already booked the perfect VRBO well beforehand.  A quiet, intimate, unpopulated and out of the way beachfront studio with a thatched roof.  Owners on-site with a beautiful home and three other thatched roof studios. One day the light went on and I had remembered that the property faced Cancun.”

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“After reviewing the pictures online, I knew this was absolutely the perfect spot for our wedding.  Beachfront property with beautiful water, palm trees, the Cancun skyline in the distance, little to no people, but most of all, a beautiful place to view the sunset! It was the perfect spot.”

“Tom and I feel beyond fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Matt and Del Sol Photography!”

“From the first time I emailed Matt, to the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew Tom & I had chosen the perfect photographer. I kept telling Tom, “I can’t wait to meet him.”

“On the evening of the wedding, Matt arrived early and put both Tom and I at ease. It was as if we had known Matt our whole life. Matt has a great personality. He is astute, assertive, energetic, humorous, kind, outgoing and has this aura that makes you so comfortable you forget that maybe you should be a little nervous. Matt is very detail-oriented and truly puts himself in the moment.”

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“I will never forget while Tom & I were getting dressed and ready. Matt was shooting pictures and he stopped and said to us, “Just be in the moment, enjoy this time together.”  I can’t begin to tell you what this meant to me. It really was a simple, yet profound statement.”

“It honestly made me truly reflect on a lot of things rather quickly, but by the end of the evening, both Tom and I discussed that moment and how it affected the way we were able to relax and truly enjoy the evening!”

Isla Mujeres Elopement special dog wedding guest

“Our favorite memory of the evening is a picture which Matt captured perfectly! When I met Tom, he had an Australian Shepherd named Joe.  Not being a dog person, I wasn’t super thrilled about this, but was learning to be open to new things. Needless to say, Joe and I bonded and now I can’t imagine life without Joe!  When Tom and I decided we would get married on Isla, we actually talked about having Joe there and getting pictures with him, thinking how cool that would be, but after much discussion, we knew it wouldn’t be feasible.”

“When we arrived home, Matt sent me a sneak preview picture.  Matt had captured the resident dog, Lassie, who unbeknownst to us at the time, was standing erect, right next to Tom.”

“We had just said our vows and were listening to the judge’s and interpreter’s words, seizing the moment without even noticing Lassie was there with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better witness!”

“Thank you for reflecting afterward and enjoying a beer with us. I simply cannot say enough about you, Matt!   You truly had the biggest hand in making our night absolutely perfect! Tom and I couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Thank you for capturing a few photo bombers, the best one being our resident canine friend, Lassie, this truly is my favorite picture.”

Isla Mujeres Elopement wedding Location Villa Makax

“Reflecting on our Isla Mujeres elopement ~ We couldn’t have asked for more! We wanted a sunset wedding and we had a sunset wedding…well, sort of.  While waiting for the judge, who we later learned, had overbooked herself, our wonderful photographer Matt, kept us at ease and kept shooting, assuring us we would have great pictures. When the judge arrived, the sun had set, but of course in true Isla style, was reflecting a beautiful glow. The ceremony went on while the mosquitoes feasted on us all.”

“We can truly say, even with these “not so planned” moments, we wouldn’t have changed a thing!”

“We were able to laugh about it then, and today we are still laughing about it.  Tom and I reminisce often of our Isla Mujeres elopement. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to elope to Isla and get married on the property we did. We met many wonderful people that we otherwise wouldn’t have, and have wonderful memories to last us a lifetime!”

“Our lives have not always been perfect and we both have experienced adversity in our lives. For Tom & I, this moment was a culmination of letting go of all the bad things in our lives and embracing one another and all the good things to come!”

Isla Mujeres Elopement Location: Villa Makax

“Thank you Matt! Thanks for your insight and expertise on many fronts that evening, thank you for slapping the mosquitoes off of my back during the ceremony, for hooking the clasp on my dress when Tom was unable to, for questioning the Judge on her lateness.”