• This is a photo of Claudia Bo the fashion Designer
  • Claudia Bo Designer
  • Claudia Bo Designer
  • Claudia Bo Designer Frida Kahlo
  • This is a photo of Carla Toledo wearing Claudia Bo Designer
  • Claudia Bo Designer
  • Claudia Bo Designer
  • This is a photo of Carla Toledo and Claudia Bo Designer

Claudia Bo Diseños con Arte  – Claudia Bo Designer – San Miguel De Allende features the designs of the lovely Claudia Bo. Her custom-designed pieces are out of this world, gorgeous embroidery details honoring Mexican art and heritage with an eye for romance and sexiness. Claudia has a passion for art, tradition and designs that represent the beauty of Mexico and the women who wear these pieces. She designs with women in mind, seeking to make them feel comfortable and sexy. Rich fabrics, hand embroidery,  Huichol beads or painted designs, each and every piece is created with great care and attention to detail.

Claudia respectfully looks to preserve the Mexican artistic expressions of folklore and ancestral traditions. Mexican textiles have existed for more than 5000 years, and are one of Mexico’s more important crafts, as they represent the continuation of Mexican heritage. The most distinctive aspects of handcrafted textiles, is the use of embroidery. Her garments cater with high regard to the Native communities of Mexico, preserving the Cultural legacy. #handmade


Amor Mexicano is a tribute to our beautiful country. Each piece, is handmade with love and passion and with the important collaboration of native artists: Otomíes, Oaxaqueños, Chiapanecos, Huicholes, Totonacas, etc. Each embroidery is unique and is a particular expression of the community and portrays the Cosmo vision of the creator. Our Mexican folklore is a collage of happiness, colours and celebration so this collection is an extension of it. All my designs are handmade and made with love, inspiration and dedication. The handmade process takes between 1 week to 30 days, depending of the difficulty of the design, the embroidery etc. You are taking home a little piece of art that it captures the history and folklore of Mexico.    Claudia Bo – Designer

Amor Mexicano es un homenaje a nuestro hermoso país. Cada pieza es hecha a mano con amor y pasión y con la importante colaboración de artistas nativos: otomíes, oaxaqueños, chiapanecos, huicholes, totonacas etc. Cada bordado es único y es una expresión particular de la comunidad y retrata la cosmovisión del creador. Nuestro folklore mexicano es un collage de colores,  felicidad y celebración, por lo que esta colección es una extensión de la misma. Todos mis diseños son hechos a mano y hecho con amor, inspiración y dedicación. El proceso artesanal tarda entre 1 semana y 30 días, dependiendo de la dificultad del diseño, el bordado, etc estás tomando a casa una pequeña obra de arte que captura la historia y el folklore méxicano.    Claudia Bo – Diseñadora

Sol had a fantastic shoot with Claudia and the models, the corsets and dresses are simply marvelous  We are delighted and honored to share the work of local artists and designers and show a touch of Mexican couture with the world, modern and contemporary with a sense of history and tradition and a hint of sexiness!

Claudia Bo Designer
She is on Instagram here: Claudia Bo Designer

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