Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding

Amber + Nick

“Our destination wedding was about spending as much time as possible with our friends and family to celebrate.”

wedding dress hanging rom tree with dreamcatchers Secrets Akumal Spa bride getting ready Secrets Akumal Spagroom getting ready Secrets Akumal Riviera maya mexico

Del Sol: Amber, you got ready in the bridal suite of Secrets Akumal. It’s actually one of our FAV bridal suites!

“It was great to be by myself early in the morning. So that I would feel refreshed, I was the first one in the spa that morning to use the hydrotherapy pools followed by getting my nails done. Later that afternoon my bridal party arrived to get ready in the Bridal Suite. It was definitely convient not needing to leave the spa to get ready and relieve any of the pre-wedding stress.”

bride getting ready Secrets Akumal Bridal Suite Riviera Maya Mexicogroom getting ready silhouette First look Secrets Akumal Spa Riviera Maya Mexico groom reaction First look Secrets Akumal Spa Riviera Maya Mexico

Del Sol: You guys chose to do a first look, it was a really sweet and lovely moment in a stunning location!

“We wanted to do the first look so that we could have some alone time before the event because we knew the night would fly by after the ceremony. We also wanted to be able to enjoy the Cocktail hour with our guest.”

“I loved the first look location inside the Secrets Akumal Spa. Everything about it was dreamy.” – Amber

“I did feel bad for Nick because he had to wait on me with the sun beaming down directly on him. Maybe the pre-wedding sweat will add to our glow in the pictures!! We were able to go inside and cool down before the ceremony — another perk of being at the spa.”

creative wedding portrait Secrets Akumal Spa Riviera Maya Mexico candid wedding portrait Secrets Akumal Mexico Bridal Portrait Secrets Akumal Spa

Del Sol: You chose the Secrets Akumal Arch wedding venue. It is a unique wedding ceremony location! It looked beautiful set up with your flower wall and surrounded by green.

“The Arch is what drew us to the Secrets Akumal from the start.”

“After our visit, we knew it would be perfect. The tunnel shades guests and acts as a natural air conditioner to keep the guest cool. We knew we did not want to get married on the beach and we also wanted a space that felt secluded away from the rest of the resort.”

groom gives high five entering Arch ceremony Secrets akumal Bride entrance Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico Bride entrance Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico

“As for the flower panel — AMAZING! We were blown away by the design.”

“The flower screen made the perfect backdrop during our ceremony and the beautiful colors set the tone for our gorgeous evening.”

Romantic Tropical wedding decor flower wall Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico Unique wedding ceremony locations Secrets Akumal Arch Riviera Maya Mexico #travelforlovewedding guest wiping tears with hankerchiefring exchange Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico parent of bride laughing Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico couple exit throwing rose petals Secrets Akumal Arch Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico

Del Sol: Why did you choose Secrets Akumal for your destination wedding?

“After lots of research, Secrets Akumal was the only resort we visited. After spending an afternoon with the wedding manager, Carolina, we both felt very comfortable leaving the planning in her hands in a year to come. Jasmine and Abigail were both amazing for our wedding weekend. They were the leads who organized the rehearsal dinner and wedding day events. Everything was perfect. They did a great job planning ahead and communicating with us throughout the weekend which really helped alleviate all stress of managing the flow of events and the experience for our guest.”

Wedding portraits Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya Mexico Secrets Akumal Wedding Photographer Riviera Maya mexico Secrets Akumal sunset beach wedding portrait Riviera maya mexico bride groom sunset silhouette palm trees and flare

“Nick and I cannot express enough gratitude towards everyone involved in the planning process! A special thanks to the entire Wedding team at Secrets Akumal, and all of the staff assigned to our events. The hospitality and special attention we received from the staff during our events was above and beyond.”

golden hour bride portrait Secrets Akumal Mexico Secrets Akumal Sunset beach portrait bride groom silhouette bride and groom candid portrait Secrets Akumal Tulum Mexico Best spots for photos in Secrets Akumal gardens at Sunset

Del Sol:  You had your wedding reception in the Secrets Akumal Plaza. It’s great venue, right next to the arch. It’s private and beautiful, especially at dusk.

“We originally reserved the Secrets Akumal ballroom for the reception. A few months after our visit we requested to change outdoors and I am so glad we did!!”

“Everything about our wedding reception was perfect. The transition from our introductions straight into the first dance followed by a thank you speech to our guests, followed by a toast with tequila to start the night off. Our guests loved the Mexican pottery shot glasses that they got to bring home with them.”

bride and groom dancing with Mariachi Secrets Akumal Plaza cocktail hour Romantic tropical wedding reception setup Secrets Akumal Plaza

Del Sol:  We absolutely loved your reception set up!

“Seeing the decor and setup for the event for the first time was memorable because it was so gorgeous and exceeded both of our expectations.”

“The Secrets Akumal Plaza reception venue is gorgeous to begin with. We knew we would not need to do much to set the mood for the evening. We added some lighting and moved the ceremony panels to repurpose as a photo wall during the reception. The flowers from the panels followed throughout each of the guest tables.”

Secrets Akumal Plaza reception entrance fireworks first dance Secrets Akumal Plaza wedding reception best father daughter dance Secrets Akumal Plaza wedding reception

I loved the flowers so much, I saved my bouquet for the remainder of the weekend. I filled the ice bucket from our room and placed it by my bedside.”

“As for the sweetheart table, I definitely knew I did not want this. I do not like the attention of everyone staring at us the whole night so Jasmine helped us come up with some alternative seating options. We didn’t want the feeling of being secluded from our guest so the seating arrangements were perfect.”

“The weekend was about spending as much time with our friends and family to celebrate.”

romantic dusk wedding portrait Secrets Akumal Plaza reception Secrets Akumal Plaza wedding reception sunset couple portraitSpeeches Secrets Akumal Plaza wedding reception

“Also, the Cigar bar was a hit for all of our guests. I am so glad we decided to add that to the evening. Guests are still talking about the Cigar rollers from that night.”

bridal party photo idea groomsmen smoking cigars

“Little secret, the Mirror Dancers just crashed the dance floor, and I am so glad they did because this was not planned!”

wedding reception entertainment ideas mirror dancers Secrets Akumal long exposure Secrets Akumal Plaza wedding reception

Del Sol: How was your experience with the Del Sol team?

“The Del Sol team is amazing! They had a plan and were very organized together and did a good job keeping us on schedule.”

“Of course I was not completely ready when Polly arrived as planned, but she did not rush me. Polly did a great job directing me and my wedding party to get the shots. I also appreciated how they respected our time away from guests after the ceremony and they quickly returned us back to the party.”