• destination wedding in the rain in Soliman Bay Mexico

Soliman Bay Wedding – Julie and Don

Do you remember your first kiss?

Julie and Donald get our ultimate “awww” vote for sweet loveliness: they can say that they married the first person they ever kissed – all together now: “aaaawwwwwww!”

Although they went their different ways and lived their own lives post kiss, it makes the story all the sweeter knowing that when they met again they realized that they had it right first time :)

“Their enthusiasm is contagious, their certainty of their destiny together is inspiring and their great expectations give us all a glimpse of the heights love can reach” – Jon

Julie and Donald came to Casa Buena Suerte on Soliman bay to relax with their friends after a more formal wedding stateside. They both declared the villa well named as they counted themselves blessed with good luck during their stay, not least for the torrential rain to stop in time for them to get married outside – returning in time for some epic rain portraits.

This was a a group full of love and affection, Julie made a tour of the table at dinner sharing the story of each and every guest was a heart melter. How can you not be utterly charmed by a bride and groom with wedding vows like this:

“I vow to play and experience childlike wonder and see the world with new eyes. To follow our dreams and to share in the joy of each others’ dreams.
Julie: I will always love you together and apart and keep my sense of humor even in the darkest hour, especially when you’re singing
Don: To always have enough ice for your Negronis”

Soliman bay is an incredible location. 15 minutes north of Tulum you would hardly notice the road that leads to a private and perfectly tranquil bay, home to some of the most charming private villas in the Riviera Maya. Casa Buena Suerte with it’s garden and pool leading to a pristine beach is an ideal spot for a private villa wedding with a close group of friends. Luck and love… not much more you can ask for ;)

We would like to extend a special thanks to Julie and Donald who totally embraced the rain and earned their place in our archive of AWESOME wedding day rain pictures!

Principal photographer: Matt

Second photographer: Polly

Location: Casa Buena Suerte – Soliman Bay