You’ve never seen a maternity session like this before – the Four Elements

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“I can create an experience to connect you with yourself, with your loved ones, with the four elements. I will send you back to your life more powerful and with a greater appreciation of life’s beauty” – Sol

The elements that form the universe are present in us, materially and spiritually. Our personalities show traits of the element that is dominant in us. Connecting with a particular element gives us energy to achieve what we need. At 8 months pregnant with her baby Moorea, Adriana was compelled to connect with the 4 elements to gather their energy. Earth, water air and fire sharing their power with her in preparation for birth.

Sol worked with Adriana’s idea to created a day long experience for Adriana, her husband and her children that will lead them to feel connection with the elements and each other. She took the family off the beaten path on a journey to experience the magic of mother nature. Sealing the bonds of their love, being wild, free and reconnecting with their true spirits.

The result is a collection of incredible images. The photographs are the bridge that reconnect the family with the experience over and over again. A timeless visual reminder keeping them in touch with what is more important in life.

“When Adriana talked to me about her vision, I immediately said YES! I began visualizing experiences to representing each element. The family will swim in a cenote, I chose the perfect one for my vision: deep enough but easy to access, surrounded by mangrove. The time of the day was also important to have beams of light entering the water.”

“I would guide them to cover themselves in Earth, providing the opportunity not just to be playful, but to bond.” – Sol

“Air, and fire… I had a vision of Adriana at the beach, with a piece of light fabric that will flow with the wind. I wanted to create an artistic picture, with body paint on Adri’s belly with a representation of Moorea surrounded by the four elements. Dad’s hands will have to have the matching body paint to fit like a puzzle. Estrella a local artist, painted Adriana’s belly and of we went to the beach at sunset time. The look was completed by Adriana wearing a crown Polly hand made with feathers , she looked like the Goddess of the wind! So gorgeous!

“The final experience was Fire, since Adriana is a fire dancer this was incredible. As Venus, the planet of fertility and love rose in the night sky, Adriana danced with Fire.” – Sol

“Just close your eyes to ask for a wish. Nine months ago my wish was to find the way to express love at its most powerful. The love of my pregnancy and my “Adventure Life Partner”, love for nature and the world.

“How could I embrace the world with my whole being? The universe answered me: Make images wrapped in the 4 elements.”

“Why did I have that idea? I didn’t understand straight away. I was dubious, but the universe sent me sent me signs. In a beautiful sensory meditation in our prenatal course, we went on a journey of the 4 elements. We imagined ourselves on the earth and how it enveloped us, until we were submerged in it and came to a river of cool and fresh water. We experienced the freedom of flying with the wind until we reach the fire on the day of the birth. The meditation was a journey that I felt, imagined and now exists in the experience with Sol.

The third sign was during a meeting of women who gathered to bless the arrival of Moorea. Once again, without planning, everything revolved around the 4 elements. Each element became a gift to my baby from each of these women. Finally the last signal arrived ….  I understood that the one who spoke to me was Moorea, my baby, telling me that everything was going to be okay during the birth.

“I would remember the Earth when needed to get on my hands and knees to draw strength. The Air is the breath of her father, or from whoever was near when I struggled to breathe. I would go to the Water, a birthing pool, to relieve the pain and I would feel the Fire the moment she came to the light” – Adriana

Pregnancy is a time of heightened spiritual awareness for many women and Adriana is clearly looking to embrace her intuition and the beauty and wonder of pregnancy. For fathers, even enlightened ones, what the mother is experiencing and wants to express may not seem so obvious. Speaking to Martin about the experience that Sol designed for him and his family is incredibly touching. He starts out not at all convinced, though happy to go along on with it. As the journey progresses, he realizes how much time, skill and artistry are involved in creating this kind of experience. When he sees Sol’s images, the result of their experience, he actually sees something he never expected to see and felt something he never expected to feel.

“I honestly didn’t expect much, I thought it was mostly one of the things that Adri always wanted to do so I played along. Of course it is nice to capture some memories and to create a nice photo story for Moorea that she can look at one day.”

“But even before we started shooting I realized the incredible amount of creativity and preparation that went into this photo shoot.”

Looking at the gorgeous place Sol selected for the first location, with the perfect timing for the light in the morning. The copal smoke creating incredible visual effects made me feel part of something truly beautiful. Sol’s patience, he firm but loving guidance for our daughter Domi and all of us throughout the shoots made the whole event really comfortable, playful and fun.”

“However, the true Wow-Moment came when I saw the pictures. The first impression is this WOOOW – “look at these colors”, “look how gorgeous my wife and daughter look”, “look at those colors”…

“When I looked more closely, I could actually see how Sol had captured the essence of Adri, the beautiful energy of Domi and the magic of our connection. I am not a very artsy person at all, but these photos touched me on many different levels. Like an awakening of the visual senses which then triggered so many different thoughts and feelings: from pride to curiosity, from being touched to being grateful.” – Martin

“Thank you, Sol, for bringing this magic of ours to live. You did a fantastic job!”

The experience Sol took Adriana and her family on, connecting with the elements, is not limited to a pregnancy photo shoot. A family, a couple, mother and daughter, a group of friends or a person on there own who wants to reconnect with themselves, draw power from the world, would discover their own beautiful experience and receive a unique collection of images.”

“These images will hang on the walls as a reminder that you are beautiful, the world is beautiful, and take you back to that feeling again and again.”

“I feel grateful and humbled to be part of this process… and will be there at the moment of birth to welcome Moorea with the Power of the Four Elements and such a Magnificent Conscious Mother, Father, Sister to welcome her to life on Earth.”

“I was so in the moment creating the images, I felt the magic the whole day, however, now the photos are finished and I can to see the whole collection together… I’m in AWE of the Magic that unfolded.”

“Adriana, Moorea, Domi and Martin, embraced, empowered by the four elements. Embraced by the fifth element, the whole… their true Spirits, LIFE and LOVE. What a great joy to be a channel, an instrument to put the pieces together, humbling and exciting. I have found my passion: Co-create, ART and magical experiences to help others connect.” – Sol

“My mission is to show you all the things in life to make you feel happy, inspired grateful and loved. The four elements experience is available to anyone to connect with yourself, your loved ones and appreciate life. Mother nature is ready. We can tailor the four element concept to annything, portraits for anyone a proposal, elopement even a wedding – why not!”

“Let us show you!”

Photographer: Sol Tamargo

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