• cave of swallows in San Luis Potosi Mexico

Discovering San Luis Potosi Mexico

Mexico is an incredible country full of surprises and magical natural regions to be discovered. From the Sierra Madre mountains, the deserts of Baja California, the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula and of course the beautiful beaches on the coasts, Mexico is full of endless beauty. A few weeks ago, Sol traveled to the State of San Luis Potosi, and was blown away with the whole territory.

The San Luis Potosi  exploration led her first to get in touch with the Sacred Region of “Real de Catorce” a mystical old small town tucked away in the mountains of the “Wirikuta”. Apart from being made famous in films such as “The Mexican” with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, this place is a holy location.  People travel from far and wide to the region to honor “Tatewari” or “Grandfather Fire” and collect a supply of the cactus “peyote” which they use to connect to their gods and guide their consciousness. Sol did indeed find some peyote plants, admired their beauty and did NOT test out their psychoactive properties.

Sol’s travels continued in the region of  “La Huasteca” where she discovered lush forests, rivers and incredible waterfalls. With the guidance of her new local friends, she found hidden spots perfect for a photographer with a love for nature. Sol even had a chance to share a trash the dress adventure in the rivers and waterfalls.

From Sol:

I love Mexico!! It’s my plan to travel and keep discovering new places. I decided to visit San Luis Potosi as it was an unexplored region and it had waterfalls! I love waterfalls..

I only knew of San Luis Potosi from friends who had been there, but what I found was way more than expected! I found myself in a region rich in both history and natural wonders. I was overwhelmed by the beauty.

My first destination after arriving to the capital was Real de Catorce, an old mining town, tucked away on the mountains, far away and magical. This place is very important as a spiritual and energetic center. From there we took a few hours on horse back, to reach an altar in a spiral form where you can present an offering and pray. Being on top of  “Cerro del Quemado” felt like being on top of the world in a very special and magical land.

The town is surrounded by ruins of the mining activities in the past, but these days the people of the region are fighting to keep this place sacred and holy. No more mining hopefully, let us keep this magical corner of the world as a treasure and hopefully sustainable tourism will bring enough money so the locals can thrive.

After a few days on Real de Catorce I was ready for the waterfalls. A 6 hour drive took me to Ciudad Valles, the “hub” of Huasteca Potosina. From there a couple of local photographers were kind enough to take me around and show me the most amazing locations. It was a unique experience, driving through incredible roads, asking directions from cute old people and arriving to breathtaking waterfalls. It was rainy season,  some places were not accessible, some others had a different water color, but I was in love!!

San Luis Potosi is an incredible place to visit in Mexico!  Go explore!!

Mexico es un país Mágico, entre mas lo exploro mas me enamoro, de su gente , sus tradiciones y sobre todo sus paisajes. El estado de San Luis Potosí es como un tesoro rodeado de montañas, valles desiertos y agua.. Infinitas cascadas que cantan y hechizan. Flechada de por vida, esta fue mi primera exploración … Regreso pronto!! Gracias Real de catorce, gracias Huasteca Potosína!

All of us at Del Sol Photography have a passion for travel and particularly adventures in Mexico. It’s a lifelong project to explore all the states, remote villages and natural wonders that the country has to offer. We are excited to share this look at San Luis Potosi with you and cannot wait to return to photograph more of this fabulous destination. We do hope that the region does not increase the mining activity, we would love to see the growth of sustainable tourism instead so we can enjoy the beauty for generations to come! Please be sure to check out the whole slideshow by Sol and virtually explore this incredible area of Mexico!

*All photos by Sol and her trusty Canon 5D Mark III and iPhone with watercase.


Photo Adventure Location: San Luis Potosi – Mexico

Photographs by Sol Tamargo

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  1. hugh dawson November 24, 2014 at 6:51 am

    gosh……… you make it look absolutely gorgeous

    • Sol November 27, 2014 at 10:10 am

      Hugh.. it is spectacular!! ;)