BIPOC Wedding Photography

“As a brown-skinned African American woman, it was important for me to see photos of people with dark complexions in the photographer’s portfolio. So when I stumbled upon the del Sol Photography website and found stunning photos of a brown-skinned couple, I fell in love and I knew right then that I wanted del Sol Photography to shoot our wedding. I was blown away by their talent—their photographic technique, creative use of light and shadows, and overall ability to capture the beautiful hues of the bride and groom’s brown skin. I felt confident that Del Sol Photography could deliver the gorgeous shots that I wanted of Jubba and I on our wedding day.” – Brandi

Hotel Xcaret Caleta Wedding photography candid ceremony moment #travelforlove

We know that beautiful, realistic skin tones are especially. That can be especially true for black and brown-skinned brides and grooms. We’ve created an archive of real weddings as a resource to show how we photograph, and edit, many different skin tones including Black, Asian, and Hispanic. This post is intended as a resource to help you choose the wedding photographer who is right for you. We want you to be confident that we can capture your gorgeousness!! One of the most important factors for us when reviewing photographs is skin tone. The majority of our photographs are taken “exposed for skin” in camera and while editing we do our best to keep skin tones consistent and true to life.

We have a varied portfolio, and we encourage you to explore it all, but we know its a LOT! Our multicultural and cultural wedding tags may help your search. We also have tags for Persian weddings, Chinese weddings, Hindu and South Asian weddings, and even Hin-Jew weddings! If you are looking for something specific, or you’d like to tell us how we can provide better resources to create a more inclusive world, please contact us.

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