7 Must Have Wedding Photo Ideas

First a disclosure: photographers are normally not thrilled when we are presented with a “must have wedding photo” list. Whatever Pinterest would have you believe, giving your photographer pages of photos you want to create is not the way to get the best wedding photos! Instead of staging photos, we recommend thinking about ‘provoking’ authentic moments. Real emotions are always a winner. If you can find a way to include color, movement and leave room for some unpredictable “magic” in there – wowzers – you are going to have amazing photos of your wedding.

We are ALWAYS happy to come up with something special and unique for you and your wedding photography. We love to find ways to showcase your unique style and personality. We’re also happy to go over your wedding photography expectations in detail so we can do the best job for you, and hopefully exceed your expectations. Just please don’t give us a 3-page list of photos to recreate on the day!

Without further ado, here are our top 7 ways to provoke amazing “must have wedding photos.”

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