Dreams Tulum Zoom Wedding

Allie + Matt

“Honestly, I would say to others: be safe, do what you feel in your heart is right, but at the same time DO NOT stop living, DO NOT put your life on hold, take the chance, be prepared, do research, stay safe, be cautious, but above all… have fun and keep on living your best life!”

Dreams Tulum Central Beach wedding ceremony setup bright tropical flowersGroom and Groomsmen getting ready oceanfront suite Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya mexico

Allie and Matt were you were our one of our first events post COVID lockdown! Their wedding was rescheduled from early May to mid-August… We asked Allie to talk us through the emotional roller coaster that led to their Dreams Tulum Zoom wedding.

“Having our wedding during a pandemic was VERY stressful, obviously. The biggest challenge was making the decision to actually postpone the event. Then deciding if August would be a good enough delay for the SAVE THE NEW DATE…”

“I admit I was so stubborn initially, no one thought it was as BAD as we now know. I would not budge until I knew absolutely SURE we would be banned from flying. That was the deal-breaker. All of us were watching so closely, I mean, I was even subscribing to all sorts of Government news related media just to get additional information for all of my guests. Many of them (36) had already committed, that means they had PREPAID. It was a disaster. They got most of their money back minus the Initial deposit. I had gone through Destify Travel Agency out of Chicago, and they are the ones who had a contract with Dreams. It worked out, because I already had my UVC Membership from several years ago, and that resort is included.”

COVID Zoom Wedding Mexico face mask blue Day of the Dead Sugar SkullGroom Silhouette Dreams Tulum Beach Wedding MexicoBride getting ready outside Dreams Tulum spa Riviera Maya Mexico

“Once we made the decision on the new date (my Father’s birthday), I had no plans on changing it. Still, I watched the news daily. We just decided to take the notion and go for it. I already knew some people who were traveling, and only a couple of my friends and family were “IN this together.” It was very hard to continually change up the guestlist that kept dwindling down, and calling the WP at Dreams to change on almost a daily basis. It did stink, because I did lose $, but many vendors did understand, especially the DJ. I paid more for my flowers, but I am so obsessed with flowers, as they are my true passion. I was totally fine with the overkill, and having far too many arrangements than really necessary!”

“So, the day we got there… I was BLOWN AWAY!!!”

Bride entrance Dreams Tulum Central BeachDreams Tulum Zoom Wedding photographer holding computer with people watching from home

“The WEDDING DAY WAS PERFECT in every way!”

“No rain, although a bit cloudy. We rented out the Bridal Suite for the entire day. So much fun! Everyone around was so complimentary and genuinely kind to us all. Our Wedding Planner Victoria was my absolute favorite, as well as Natasha, in Sales. They both kept me informed, happy, and my guests were well taken care of, which was my biggest concern.”

“Regarding the Beach Ceremony, I could NOT imagine it any better. I am a beach girl, born at the beach. My parents swear I am so in love with the beach because she would be in the ocean water literally until she went into labor. I have never lived away from my hometown beach (Wrightsville Beach, NC). The intimacy, the mood, all of it was truly beautiful.”

Dreams Tulum Zoom Wedding bride waves at computer screen Dreams Tulum Zoom Wedding Just Married couple waves at computer Dreams Tulum Zoom Wedding bride gugs guest holding computer with remote guests

“As for having a Zoom wedding, I would have never even known about it had I not been doing my 3 x week Work meetings that way. As a Nurse, working from Home is truly unheard of.”

“Having a Zoom wedding was fun, but very challenging to get all my family on board. We did have trouble with his father not getting an email with the attached link/ invite until after the wedding, so unfortunately he was not able to be part of it… Which is why it was so important for me to capture everything we could via Videography, and through friend/family videos and photos.”

“What was really neat was my aunt even took pictures on their large TV of us having the ACTUAL ceremony! It was really neat to see us on the TV!”

Sunset wedding portrait Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya mexico Candid wedding portrait Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya mexico

“I have no idea that Dreams Tulum and our wedding planner Victoria would go out of their way to ensure all my desires were taken care of.”

“They gave us the room over the Large pool, which generally they do not allow guests to stay there as it is for Sales and Promotions.) There was a large arrangement of flowers on our arrival in the room, champagne, and they treated us like Royalty! Apparently, at the time I was the only member… and I was told I was a Founding Member on site.”

“Dreams Tulum truly met our every need, from Champagne daily to chocolate-covered strawberries, to daily phone calls, and to FREE rentals for the Beach Bali Beds, to make sure we were completely happy and had all we needed. The food was SUPERB! My meeting with our Wedding Planner went smoothly, we never had any issues.”

First Dance Dreams Tulum Secret Garden Wedding Reception

“So, on to the Reception… I thought it would be really cool to try out the Secret Garden, sight unseen mind you!”

“The pictures I had seen reflected the intimate theme I was looking for. I knew I had wanted to papel picado, the macrame table runner, and the Blue Goblets HAD to be a part of my table ,Ha!”

“My favorite color of flowers is bright pink, I think they stand out so well, and look so healthy, and are so vibrant, no matter what type of flower it is. Of course, knowing how much I love the beach, and traveling to tropical islands and countries, my decision to have tropical flowers was a no brainer. I even try to grow tropical flowers in my own yard, here in NC. It’s my passion, for some reason it’s in my blood.”

Diamond and sapphire engagement and wedding bandsSecret Garden wedding reception Dreams Tulum guests shake aracas

“It was truly an HONOR that Victoria even told all my friends that she could not take credit for the entire reception design. She was blown away, and even asked me if I would like to come down and join her as a WP. Trust me… I would LOVE to do exactly that in less than 10 years!!! That is my DREAM GOAL!!”

“It was really cool to see it all come to fruition. I have seen so many themes, and this was just me. It was my heart and soul.”

“I never strayed from this design, not even for a moment. So yes, I guess it was helpful to have the skills as a WP. I imagine it would be extremely difficult for anyone to try to plan a wedding, then postpone, then continually change things up without having the background I do.”

Wedding reception entertainment fire dancers Dreams Tulum Secret Garden


“I wanted the guests to truly have the best experience, and I knew that would be a showstopper for them that they could take away knowing this particular memory, and to take the chance they took to travel to Mexico for us was worth it!”

Wedding reception entertainment water drummers Dreams Tulum Secret Garden Wedding reception entertainment smoke bombs Dreams Tulum Secret Garden

“Honestly, I would say to others: be safe, do what you feel in your heart is right, but at the same time DO NOT stop living, DO NOT put your life on hold, take the chance, be prepared, do research, stay safe, be cautious, but above all… have fun and keep on living your best life!”

“We are so appreciative of all our new friends we made at Dreams Tulum, and at Del Sol… I feel so safe and comfortable. I am even still looking at properties there! I cannot wait to get back, everyone was great! Everyone wore masks as needed in and out of the restaurants, and in public as well.”


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