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The photos used in this post are a JOKE people…A total satire on the subject! They’re a juxtaposition of being in the right place at the right time and absolute proof that it is safe to get married in Mexico!

Does this mean that your wedding will now have armed guards or police in the background…NOPE…  But if they are walking by the beach, we will do our best to make a photo with them.

My name is Matt, I’m a Del Sol Photography Co-Founder and I’m originally from Atlanta GA. I’ve lived in Mexico for nearly 14 years and have been watching the USA from afar, as an American ex-pat completely settled and living my life in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

It breaks me when people tell me for whatever reason, they are deciding against coming to Mexico mainly due to violence or concerns about Safety in Mexico. Reasons mainly that are completely disturbing to me because when I measure the crime or madness happening in their home towns, nothing compares to where I live…NOTHING.

I am still blown away when someone asks me “Is it safe to come to Mexico.” Really? Is it safe to go to Las Vegas to see a concert? Is it safe for my niece who attends public schools in Florida to keep going to those schools? Is it safe in Texas? NY?  California? Is it safe in your city? (FILL in the blank _____) – Matt

“I am routinely shocked by the events in the USA that I see on TV and news sites. There is so much madness happening north of the border!” – Matt 

Many couples ask us, as local ex-pats: how is safety in Mexico?

Our experience of safety in Mexico is that our daily lives are absolutely secure. Here in Del Sol we have an international team including US, UK, Chilean and Polish citizens. We’ve lived in multiple countries and continents so believe us, we have context!!!

We consider the Riviera Maya: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Tulum to be safer than many of the cities we have lived in. Compared to many US cities and European cities like London, Paris etc we are lucky to experience substantially less risks of crime and terrorism in Mexico.

Today and everyday and realize we are all living in a place where we are more likely to be in danger on the highway to and from work.  Actually, highways and drivers looking at their cell phones are more of a danger than anything else in our lives.

Bride and Groom Testimonials: safety in Mexico

We’ve asked our clients how they feel after traveling to Mexico to celebrate their BIG day. The following are some of their own testimonials regarding safety in Mexico!

“Don’t listen to the media and the news. So many of our guests were nervous to travel to cancun after the endless safety advisories and news articles. After their visit, they felt silly for how much they worried. Cancun is COMPLETELY SAFE. Anything going on there does not have to do with tourists and also goes on in many, many cities in the United States.” – Jackie + Anthony – Beach Palace Wedding May 2018

It is Safe in Mexico for weddings

We regularly meet couples visiting the Riviera Maya for the first time and loving the experience. We also know MANY couples who have been regular visitors to the Riviera Maya over the years. Cindy and Abram’s wedding was 5 years before Maya’s Xcaret baptism. We were interested to know if they felt any changes in their Mexico tourist experience between 2013 and 2018. With the negative press and travel advisories surrounding Mexico we were interested to hear their point of view.

“We believe there is crime everywhere, but we always think the media covers the bad stuff to make ratings. Some relatives of ours did mention their concerns about safety in Mexico. We answered we always feel safe in Playa del Carmen. While we were there, unfortunately there was another school shooting in the States. Many things have changed since our last visit: new parks and attractions. We can’t wait to go again!” – Cindy + Abram – Xcaret Baptism May 2018

“We had no problems whatsoever in Mexico. We always felt safe and secure especially with so many children in our party. Every single minute at the resort was great and we would go back in a heartbeat. It’s an amazing place to get married, the weather is pretty much guaranteed, the scene setting on the beach is epic and the atmosphere is unforgettable.” – Louise + Phil – NOW Sapphire Wedding April 2018

Chelsea and Jordan chose to travel all the way from the UK to get married on the beautiful Akumal Bay  in May 2018. As frequent visitors to the area they have a great point of view on safety in Mexico.

“I would always recommend everyone to go to Mexico because it’s so AMAZING!! I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. We have been every year for the past three years and we would live there – just amazing!” – Chelsea + Jordan

It is safe to get married in Mexico

I love that Kelly and Brandon saw this photo of the 4 officers surrounding bride and groom and were convinced to hire del Sol Photography !

The first picture I saw from your company was of the bride and groom surrounded by 4 police officers. I loved the humor and the comments on the picture. Brandon and I have been going to Mexico every year and it’s amazing the comments people make about safety when they know you are traveling to Mexico. When I looked through the rest of your pictures I was impressed. Your pictures truly capture the emotions of the moments. I also enjoyed your use of atypical angles. I love interesting angles and composition. – Kelly + Brandon

And they keep saying “MEXICO IS SAFE”…as this Now Sapphire bride states in her testimonial:

“GET MARRIED IN MEXICO!!! Seriously… I would recommend to anyone and everyone getting married to have a destination wedding! It was so carefree, zero stress and totally SAFE! – Jill + Marcus

We love to hear these positive words of encouragement from real client testimonials!

“Bad things happen everywhere and the news is very controlled. Use your own smarts and research if you are worried. Mexico is a beautiful place with many, many beautiful, kind, welcoming, loving, happy people. We love Mexico!” – Amanda + Roy

Love this one from a Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun bride from May 2018:

“Our overall Mexico experience was fabulous!! We have been to Playa Del Carmen many many times and gone into town without ever feeling unsafe. The travel advisories seem a bit unnecessary to me. If people are smart about where they go Mexico is very very safe.” – Morgan + Stacey

This a testimonial from a Valentin Imperial Maya bride and groom from April 2018:

“I would highly recommend getting married down in Mexico! Such an exotic location and having a few days with family and friends is a memory that will last a lifetime. Winter is a wonderful time to get married as the temperature is perfect and completely safe!” – Court + Alemara

Concepción + Eugenio are from China. They worked for the Chinese embassy in Cuba and currently live in Ecuador.  They are well traveled and speak Spanish fluently and were some of the most fun clients ever.  They have certainly seen the world and here is their 2 cents on Mexico.

We would use the word “WONDERFUL” to describe our trip and we love Mexico! We have already recommended Cancun to lots of our friends, it’s a must-visit country and very safe. Certainly we’ll go to Mexico again!” – Concepción + Eugenio

Rosyln and Luis brought their baby daughter to Yucatan and the Riviera Maya on their honeymoon. They stayed in downtown Playa del Carmen at the boutique Mahekal Beach Resort, just off the 5th Avenue. We met them for a wedding and family portrait session in July 2018.

“We have traveled to Mexico several times in the last couple of years and never had any concerns. So this time it was an easy decision. I would advise any couple that is getting married to give it a chance. Mexico is a beautiful country that sometimes gets a bad reputation because of the media. If we got a chance to do it all over again, we would pick Mexico all over again. Plus, Mexican food is delicious!” – Roslyn + Luis

Safe to get married in Mexico

Cherise and Tom decided to forgo a traditional wedding back home in Canada. Instead they eloped in Mexico, with Cherises’s mom and dad, in a cenote, in July 2018! Their cenote wedding was followed by a trash the dress which turned into an Adam and Eve session… Even naked in the Mexican jungle they considered themselves safe!

Honestly, I love Mexico.  I tend to steer clear of the tourist traps and the so-called “safe” modes of travel.  Like everywhere else in the world there is a dark side but if you employ common sense (the same common sense you employ at home to avoid getting into trouble) you will be perfectly safe. You can find a wealth of opportunity if you take a chance. Take a collectivo! They are fun! You get to interact with locals who, for the most part, are more than happy to help and show you their world. If you give Mexico the opportunity it will surprise you.  Just remember that you are in a foreign country, that you are a visitor, and respect the fact that you are not at home and not everything is the same.” – Cherise + Tom

After 20 years together, Marie and Martha finally tied the knot. They chose a private villa inside the gated community of Puerto Aventuras for their May 2018 wedding.

“Mexico has many beautiful places. We always tell people, as long as they do their research and be properly informed, then they can have a great time in Mexico. In spite of the advisories, we always enjoy Mexico. We always take our precautions and things always seem fine. We always take in consideration the risk of something bad happening anywhere, anytime but as long as we stay out of trouble, trouble won’t find us. The Haciendas are in a nice, secure community – that made it even better. Everyone felt safe. Our guests loved it and had a great time. Not to mention, some of us loved Puerto Aventuras so much, we are going back in October!” – Marie + Martha

Is Mexico safe saftey in Mexico destination wedding NOW Sapphire

Ashley got to get married in her mom and dad’s house – on the beach in Mexico! Her parents have been living here part time for almost 2 decades and testify to how completely safe and secure they feel as local ex-pats living in Mexico. Their gorgeous private vlla wedding just outside Tulum was May 2018.

“Don’t go looking for trouble and you’ll be fine!” Being a resident in Mexico for so long, we have never had any break-ins or trouble in the 19 years Ashley and her family have been in the Riviera Maya.” – Dan + Ashley 

Becky and Don brought over 100 guests to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya for their July 2018 wedding!

“We had a fantastic experience in Mexico!!  The travel advisories are pretty specific in regards to keeping you and your loved ones safe.  We weren’t there to buy drugs or involved in any cartel related things, so we didn’t have any issues.  Advice for future couples:  Don’t listen to everything you hear.” – Becky + Don

it is safe to get married in Mexico

Words by Matt Adcock – Del Sol Photography Co-Founder

Matt Adcock is an internationally award winning photojournalist and among the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world according to American Photo Magazine and a designated as a Wedding Trailblazer by the Huffington Post for his innovations with the Trash the dress photography theme. He has been featured on Lonely Planet free diving and photographing whale sharks in the wild off the coast of Isla Mujeres Mexico.  His images have been featured on every major USA television network, Fox, CBS, ABC, and CNN.