Yes to Mexico – The real scoop and what the news media isn’t telling you

For anyone wanting to learn more about the new organization out there to provide factual information about Mexico and the Hot Spot’s for tourist travel: Yes To Mexico has just been launched by a group of amazing individuals, travel professionals and people with *REAL life* knowledge about Mexico.

True stories. Real truths. That is what Del Sol have always been inspired by. I’d love to highlight some very special people we’ve met who have traveled to enlighten their spirit.  Mexico is a legacy for them and their families and will forever be a part of their life connection.

Mexico is a place that people literally come to with a dream, a dream to do something in one of the most inspiring environments that the world can provide.

We have even published a few thoughts on our feelings about safety in Mexico… mostly a satire of an article with lots of real-life reviews of our clients reflecting how silly they felt for being afraid of traveling to Mexico. #yestomexico

Travesia Sagrada Maya canoes from the aerial view in the sea

Photo by Matt Adcock – Every year Xcaret hosts the Mayan Sacred Race (Travesia Sagrada Maya)

Del Sol – Ambassadors for Travel and Mexico

It’s about time I introduce myself! I’m Matt Adcock, a US expat, previously living in the South East United States. I have lived in Mexico for nearly 15 years and have no plan of going anywhere anytime soon.  I’ve worked commercially as a photographer and now starting a travel agency recommending  and planning amazing vacations for our clients.

My name is “Matt” but many times I will use “WE” because I simply represent many opinions / experiences at Del Sol Photography. Together with Del Sol Co-founder Sol Tamargo we have spent our careers researching, discovering and sharing the unexpected treasures that Mexico has to offer with travelers.

Our life’s work is breaking preconceptions by taking our clients and blowing their minds with all Mexico has to offer as a a boutique experience.

As a American and Mexican owned company, Del Sol is in the ideal position to understand both sides of the coin. We deeply understand the relationship and common preconceptions between the US and Mexico. We also know what both cultures can learn from each other to create incredible experiences.

Yes to Mexico Snorkeling Isla Mujeres

Snorkeling on Isla Mujeres – Finding paradise and hanging out with the crowds in EPIC Caribbean water

Our travel experiences make us who we are

For over 15 years we have been connecting travelers with the amazing experiences Mexico has to offer.  We have stories that make you look twice because you can’t believe your eyes!  We have always told real stories and showcased the truth.   OH, and we like to break the rules of most expectations of “conventional wisdom” and how the rest of the world thinks things should be.

We are blessed that there are people who think outside the box and are willing to dream about “the impossible.” Oftentimes, our assumptions and preconceptions hold us back from amazing adventures!

In our experience, Mexico is KEY to the realization of dreams. There is a saying here “Yes to anything goes in Mexico.” We took that and converted it into a “yes to your dreams”.

Let’s talk about Susana, the mermaid bride who dreamt about having her wedding in the middle of the ocean. Everyone told her NO – it was impossible! Throwing those preconceptions away resulted in one of the most epic weddings we have ever witnessed!

When you think outside the box – anything is possible!

In Mexico, you can literally make things happen that are impossible in other parts of the world.

Kutrina contacted us with an interesting request.  She had just lost her mother, Julie, who loved Mexico. Kutrina wanted to spread her mother’s ashes in a very special place.  What took place next was right out of fantasy land.

We were able to find a piece of land and a shaman for Kutrina. We were granted access to do a very special, spiritual, burial ceremony. Outside of the “normal” rules and formalities the children were allowed to wear what they wanted and participate in the experience.

Coming to Mexico to say goodbye to Julie, allowed Kutrina and her children and family to do something unique that they simply couldn’t do at home. To say goodbye in a way that was meaningful to them.

Who goes to a funeral dressed as a Princess or Captain America?

We are so lucky in Mexico that the local people are willing to open up and share with visitors. Not only their physical space, but also their culture. In the Riviera Maya many travelers are learning from the ancient Mayan culture and integrating that into their own spiritual growth.

During the ceremony and the experience we created, the children were surrounded by butterflies. Kutrina told us later that her children always (almost daily) see a butterfly and associate it with their grandmother Julie.

Kutrina told us she thinks about Mexico every single day and is so grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

The experiences we have in life shape who we are as people.  Yes to the amazing experience of a lifetime in Mexico for this beautiful family and the lovely people in Mexico who embraced them.

Yes to Mexico

What we have to say on the subject I wanted to clarify our point of view.   We are trying to communicate a message so that you officially find that place in your heart and continue to make room for Mexico.  Major cities in this country are close, usually a direct flight away.  Hotel room inventory and Airbnb units available continue to increase creating competition and excellent rates.

Now is the time to travel to Mexico actually.

Together with our team at Del Sol Travels, we have literally travelled everywhere.  For all of us (there are 13 in total) Travel has always been an important motivation for our spirit as artists and chasers of the magical image.  We are absolutely blown away by the shear volume of experiences available so close to home.

Yes to Nature in the amazing Caribbean Ocean

Manta Ray and Whale Shark Photography workshop Isla Mujeres Mexico #Aworldofitsown

Pure adventure, pure adrenaline and excitement.  That is what my travel experiences have been with Del Sol client, Peter Bonac.  Peter is the CEO of a tech company and an avid free diver. He comes to Mexico nearly every other year to celebrate one of the most incredible types of adventure activities. We go underwater with him swimming with whale sharks, exploring cenotes, and the searching for the Cancun Underwater Museum.  I’ve even photographed him wearing a suit and tie, with a jacket and pants made of neoprene.

Mexico is inspiration for adventurers and artists alike.

Yes to Mexico Yes to Stand Up Paddle SUP Cancun Adventure starts with del Sol Travels

Sol Tamargo underwater – Our experiences in Mexico really means you can say yes to Dreams and using your imagination – WE say YES to the stand up paddle life

Yes to mexico The Lord of the Oceans” Great White Shark Dive #aworldofitsown – Guadalupe Island

It has been one of the greatest privileges in my life: Sol the mermaid got to meet “The Lord of the Oceans” Great White Shark Dive #aworldofitsown – Guadalupe Island – Sol Tamargo

We are blessed to live in paradise. We are blessed to know amazing people. We are blessed with a passion to have a style 0f storytelling and putting the people in the mix.. swimming with the sharks literally. In some cases, we are chasing paradise and always enjoying the view.

Yes To Mexico - by Del Sol Photography and Del Sol Travels

Punta Sur – the eastern most point where the first sun’s rays touch Mexico. Yes to traveling to Isla Mujeres Mexico

I’ve been learning Spanish and have even now secured my Mexican Nationality and have dual citizenship.  I’ve seen a thousand and one love stories and chased unbelievable couples on wild wild adventures throughout Mexico since 2005.

I’ve learned that the people in this country will find a place in their hearts to go out of their way to be kind, overly nice and welcoming.

We have traveled in Morelia and Michoacan and have met some of the most amazing characters you have ever seen.  On our travels we’re not afraid of meeting “bad characters.” Instead, we are always surprised and greeted with a smile and someone who helps us along the way.

People of Mexico

Getting directions from this man, his heart filled with gold and kindness as he directed us when we were lost in Michoacan Mexico

One must ask, what are your perceptions of the people in Mexico?   What would you think when you met this guy?  His heart was filled with gold and he kindly gave us directions.

Say Yes To Pueblos Magicos – Magical Towns

The Mexican Government came up with the idea to designate some towns as  ‘Pueblos Mágicos’.  The idea is to recognize amazing places across the country that have special characteristics.   Usually there is a historical significance or a tradition or unique happening that draws many people to gaze in awe of what is in front of them.

Being scared of this country and not traveling to see any of these sites would be a huge loss for you.

Every year millions of Monarch Butterflies breed and get ready for a migration in a very special natural sanctuary. The migration begins in September, the butterflies arriving in Mexico around November. The return journey starts in March and they arrive back to their starting point in July – an epic journey!

Michoacan Monarch Butterfly Adventure

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Michoacan Mexico

Did you know that Mexico hosts more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country in the Americas and 7th overall in the world?  In total, there are 35 sites included on the list as of 2018.  In total, 21 cultural sites, 6 natural sites and 2 mixed sites. For sure a clear fact is the UNESCO Works to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values.  Read about our adventure diving at the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo.

Scuba diving dolphins Yes To Mexico Dolphin Archipiélago de Revillagigedo

Scuba diving with a Dolphin – Archipiélago de Revillagigedo #YESTOMEXICO

Travel for love – Yes to Romance in Mexico

Travel for love - Vacations by del Sol Travels

Travel for love – Tulum Mexico Bride and Groom

You have been married now for years… and years.  Let’s do something unbelievable and go for the full monte.  10-year vow renewal, elopement-style just the two of us and head for the most amazing places on the planet.  For Pink Romance, we did just that with Audry and Richy.  Pink Romance was a vow renewal adventure where both Audry and Richy had different information about where they were gong and what we were doing for a plan.

Pink Romance surprise vow renewal Las coloradas Yucatan Mexico dress designed by David Salomon #ExperienciasInfinitas

Mesoamerican civilization

Mexico has one of the most diverse cultures going back to its Mesoamerican civilization some 13000 years ago.  Spanish is the primary language however in some states like Chiapas, there are more than 50 different languages spoken from various indigenous tribes.  Exploring these ancient civilizations and learning about the Mayan History is fascinating.  The state of Quintana Roo has to be one of the most amazing locations to visit Mayan Ruins.

Travel for love - Yes to exploring and adventures discovering Mayan Ruins - Coba - Yes to Mexico

Travel for love – Yes to exploring and adventures discovering Mayan Ruins – Coba

Our team at Del Sol Photography and Del Sol Travels is made up of 13 people, each one of us with a million reasons to say Yes To Mexico. Although Del Sol Photography is a Mexican Corporation and Del Sol Travels is a USA LLC, we are a team of international artists. Travel inspires us and all the while travel awakens us.  Our combined travel experiences have defined us as humans.  In total, our team represents the citizens of USA, Mexico, UK, Poland, Venezuela and Chile.  We are conscious on so many levels of what is happening around the world. We are all in this place.  We all live in Mexico and want to shout from all the rooftops how amazing this place is !  There are so many hidden gems and well kept secrets to discover throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and throughout this amazing country.

This is an excerpt from the Del Sol biography:

About the Del Sol Photography team…  Sol Tamargo is pretty much a super star and is the only event / wedding photographer on the cover of a National Geographic Magazine .  Del Sol is the ONLY Mexican photography company named as one of the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world according to American Photo Magazine.   Matt and Sol were also named “Wedding Trailblazers” by Huffington Post for their innovations with a new category of underwater photography with brides and grooms.

You can read about the studio co-founders here:   Matt and Sol.

Matt and Sol have been published like tens of thousands of times. Their work is featured every single popular blog or website or national TV network in the USA.  Literally.  They are contributors for Huffington post and happy to provide a checklist / metric of all viral stories and worldwide publications of their events.  Our latest publication was in February of 2019, CBS’s Inside Edition featured Brittany and Tyler’s amazing story of how they met.

Cabo San Lucas Del Sol Photography

This is everything about why Yes To Mexico – Scene from Western Mexico – Cabo San Lucas

Yes To Mexico Mariachis Casa Verana Yelapa Mexico

View of Yelapa Mexico and listening to the music of Mariachis is a very good reason to say

Yes to Mexico Yes to Cenotes - Travel by Del Sol Travels

Cenotes in Quintana Roo Mexico – Yes to bring my family to one of the most unbelievable locations on the planet – Ceremony Designed by Del Sol Travels

One thing that is for certain, we have an education, we speak many languages and we know what we know and stand behind that our travel experiences have literally carved our life path.  Our love for travel and adventure has gifted us with the greatest opportunity to live this life, appreciative one day at a time for the magic surrounding us. all the while living in this amazing country of Mexico.  We know for 100% that Mexico is amazing … in bold “AMAZING“.  Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world and there are so many wonderful details of the culture and the people of Mexico.

Cliff of the Dawn Isla Mujeres - Yes to Mexico

Yes to first sun rays touching Mexico Latitude 21 degrees 12’05.2″ North, Longitude 86 degrees 42’39” East. Cliff of the Dawn Isla Mujeres

Yes to Mexico experiences sunrise - Planning by Del Sol Travels

One more trip around the sun. Yes to Mexico and Yes to more adventures together

Any country is driven by its people.  We have traveled to nearly every state in the union in Mexico and can testify this is a truly wonderful place to be.  In fact, I was discussing recently with a British National about her travels throughout Africa and through other Latin American countries.  The point was that she keeps returning to Mexico for the love of the people and the culture and quality of life in this country.

Hotel Andaz Mayakoba Golf Classic Yes to Mexico

The PGA and the Mayakoba Golf Classic at The “El Camaleon Golf Club” in Playa del Carmen.

I’ve learned that living on this side of the border watching the mockery that the international news media makes with Mexico is literally tiring.  Why ?  Because worldwide we are all struggling as people.  There are wars, terrorist attacks and many horrible things happening each and every week all over the world…Facts are, we use our common sense and this drives us to make great decisions during our travels, regardless which city we are visiting.

BUT LET’S NOT FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE. Many of our stories focus on real life experiences happening in Mexico.  Mainly people living out their dreams.

In the end, the reason we made this blog post is basically to tell everyone to believe in real life stories, daily experiences and to not succumb to sensationalism or fall for the abuse of propaganda with political agendas.  Follow our work. Follow stories about love, adventure and discovering paradise.  You will begin to see why we love Mexico and why you can too. Get me on the phone for 5 minutes if you have any doubts at all.  It starts with one voice of reason.

Author:  Matt Adcock Co Founder

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