Secrets Moxche Flow

An underwater experience by del Sol Photography

Today, when we talk about intimacy, we talk about “intimacy” as “In to me see”. – Esther Perel

– Secrets Moxche Flow Underwater Photography

MOXCHE:  The word MOXCHE is Mayan and it means tree root.

The photography concept involves creating an analogy with our human life… When our roots are strong, we can enjoy the flow of having a good foundation, a better connection.

Moxche Tree Roots Del Sol Photography

In one moment or another, we have all had times in our lives when people enter our world and others leave.  We all listen to our hearts, we all seek adventures and new experiences in our lives.  We found a way to root happiness in the elements and make a very fun photo experience come together.

To quote / paraphrase  Esther Perel, a famous relationship psychologist on the truth on Love and modern relationships:

The quality of your relationships is what determines the quality of your life.  The bonds and the connections that we establish with other people, gives us a greater sense of happiness and well-being than any other human experience.   We have all grown up needing security/safety as well as adventure and exploration.   Never have we invested more in love, and never have we broken up or divorced *more, in the name of love.  I imagine a world where we can experience our relationships with a sense of vitality and aliveness and vibrancy.  The quality of your relationships with other people is what determines your quality of life.

Relationships in these moments, during these times, are undergoing a massive shift. The norms are literally changing under our feet.  We have to makeup the roolbook as we go.  We feel that our past experiences and our future relationships are constantly up for judgment, by us.  We redefine what we like and want and love and hate, all based on where we came from and where we want to end up.  Strenght in our foundation and our roots (Moxche) are a must for our survival with our soulmates.

Lori Gold with Aaron Nofrietta secrets Moxche flow underwater photography

Everywhere we talk about relationships today, we hear about the fact we no longer have a deep sense of anchoring and belonging and rootedness like we used to in society. Due to current social pressures and mechanisms,  we are facing a modern massive epidemic of loneliness.  In the current structuring of how we form our relationships, in the old model when marriage was primarily an economic enterprise, intimacy had to do with sharing the life together.  You tended the garden, you watered the land, you raise the children. It was about the economy.  Today, when we talk about intimacy, we talk about “intimacy” as “In to me see”.  Esther Perel,

Lori Gold and Aaron Nofrietta Epic pool at Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen

A beautiful couple that comes to mind is Lori Gold and her husband, Aaron Nofrietta.   Lori is a Canadian Xpat, married to a Mexican National, they have had an amazing path together living in Playa del Carmen and other parts of Mexico. While we dont claim to be the auto-biographical authors of Lori and Aaron’s memoir, we do know they have been a power couple, supporting each other and even going through a fight against cancer that Aaron was up against and winning.  Love, strength, foundation, courage, mistakes, fails, wins… They have been strengthening their foundation for some time now!  We know they are an example of why these roots are so real for a couple and their needs and necessities to live a wild adventure together, travel for love, go places, and do things together that nurture a stronger relationship.

Secrets Moxche Beach areas ]\Lori Gold and Aaron Nofrietta Epic pool at Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen

Lori is a travel agent for Twil Travel and is a legend in the travel industry, connecting professionals and a great resource in the industry.

Our photos were intended to connect with them and celebrate with them, remind them of their roots and their foundations and honor their love story together and journey together.  The photos are a manifestation of their life’s story of flowing on the wave, above and below, peaks and valleys. From a much cooler climate in Canada to sunny Caribbean oceans.  There are ups and downs in life, so we ebb and we flow.  Incorporating the elements, we wanted to honor both Lori and Aaron with a photo experience that was a literal reflection of them.

Sol Tamargo – Del Sol Photography, Del Sol Travels, and Secrets Moxche Flow concept designer.

Lori Gold Secrets Moxche Flow

Lori Gold with Aaron Nofrietta secrets Moxche flow underwater photography

Lori Gold with Aaron Nofrietta Secrets Moxche underwater photography

Lori Gold Secrets Moxche flow underwater photography

These are some amazing times, to be able to celebrate traveling for love, exploring new places, and finding time to be present now.  That is what we think when we get to know Lori and Aaron.

Lori Gold and Aaron Nofrietta Epic pool at Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen

Lori and Aaron at Secrets Moxche Trash the dress Secrets Moxche Beach areas Underwater photos Secrets Moxche Flow

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