Sol Tamargo

Co-Founder Del Sol Photography

Style of shooting: Motion and Emotion, plus Sexy!
Natural light, artificial light, low light, super hard sun light… Underwater light!
I can dance with all, in any situation and deliver ART

I started my photographer career at age 10, borrowing my dad’s film camera (with no film in it) and going out to take photos at the park. I was very shy, so the camera was my way to interact, to observe the world from a “safe” angle. Later on, with film on it, I played dress up with my sisters, cats and I found a reason to live, to be happy and inspired .

Looking back at those early years little did I know how much a universe will open to me, as I continue “playing”

My favorite is always LOVE and Nature, with magical sensual fairy dust all over the place. I LOVE, LOVE to shoot underwater, so if you’re considering a Trash The Dress, please look at my portfolio! especially the Adam & Eve sessions.Imagination is something I cultivated since I was a young girl. Growing up in Cancun, I played mermaids all the time, painted mermaids, and now I photograph them!